The ProSteel Swing 'N Slide system has the ability to completely conceal the entire edge of the door. This provides the equivalent of 114 one-inch pins or 28 four-inch locking bars in protection. This coupled with internal hinges, hardened anti-drill plates, high security locks, and 13 gauge material thickness all make ProSteel's HSC and HSCA Series the most secure in their class.

How Swing & Slide Works

  • HSC Series

    ProSteel's HSC can hold either 14 or 20 long guns. It also contains a shelf that can hold hand guns or other valuables. They come with a key lock and T-handle.

  • HSCE Series

    ProSteel's also offers the HSC with an electronic lock. All other specification are the same as the standard HSCs.

  • HSCA Series

    ProSteel's HSCA Series includes an electronic lock, a 5-spoke mini handle and a key lockable internal vault to hold ammunition or other valuables such as hand guns, currency, or precious metals. The HSCA is 4" taller than the HSC.

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