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Fire Protection

Don't Get Burned

Protecting your valuables from fire damage is just as important as protecting them from theft or a tornado. ProSteel's steel doors have a 3-hour fire rating that meet NFPA 252 guidelines as well as other fire protection components.  

ProSteel Door Fire Protection Features

  • NFPA 252 Compliant


    ProSteel doors have a 3-hour fire rating and meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 252 code and guidelines.

  • Palusol Fire Seal

    Palusol Seal

    The ProSteel Vault Door has a Palusol fire seal around the entire inside perimeter of the door that expands to nearly 7 times its original size when heated. This seal increases the fire resistance and protects your valuables from water damage that might occur in fire-fighting efforts.