Browning ProSteel Gun Safes
AR Series
Browning ProSteel Safes

Security, fire protection and appearance

Our Specialty Safes give you proven security and convenience. They feature rugged one-piece steel bodies with a reinforced door frames. When combined with patented locking mechanisms, these safes will keep any criminal at bay. In addition to the excellent security, you'll enjoy the convenience and unmatched versatility offered by our patented DPX Storage System and unique shelving options.

  • Fire Rating: 1200 F for 60 minutes
  • 11-Gauge Steel Body Thickness
  • (16) 1 1/4" Cylinder Locking Bolts
  • Pry-Stop End Bolts
  • DPX Door Storage

AR 26

Browning ProSteel Gun Safe

Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 25
Cubic Feet: 26
Weight: 735 lbs
Gun Capacity: 27

AR 35

Browning ProSteel Gun Safe

Dimensions: 60 x 37 x 27
Cubic Feet: 35
Weight: 875 lbs
Gun Capacity: 40