Browning ProSteel Gun Safes
Browning ProSteel Safes
Security Features
The National Crime Information Center says that nearly 4 million homes are burglarized every year. And that is why we have developed and patented some of the most reliable security features in the gun safe industry.


  • MAX Locking Bolts

    Max Locking Bolts

    The patented MAX Locking Bolts are rectangular hardened steel rods that move behind the door frame to hold the safe door locked and closed. The MAX Locking Bolts, found exclusively on Pro Series safes, have up to 12 times more surface making them up to 4 times stronger than traditional round bolts.

  • Pry-Stop End Bolts

    Pry Stop

    Pry-Stop End Bolts are superior to other bolt designs that allow the locking bolt support bar to bend. These bolts attach to a high-strength steel support bracket which prevents the locking bolt support bar from bending in a pry attack.

  • Force Deflector
    Locking System

    Force Deflector

    The patented Force Deflector Locking System prevents pressure applied to the bolts or handle from reaching the lock by using a rotating cam device.