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FAQ - ProSteel Vanguard Door

Frequently Asked Questions about ProSteel Vanguard Security and Tornado Doors

Below are the most common concerns you may have about your ProSteel Vanguard Security and Tornado Door. Please read through the list and if you still have concerns, feel free to contact a ProSteel Customer Service team member at 877-501-SAFE ext. 14 or use the Contact Us form.

Lock Batteries

Q: How often should I change the battery in my lock?

A: The battery should be replaced once a year. We suggest using a 9v Duracell Alkaline battery. Replace the battery on a memorable day like on the 4th of July and replace fire alarm batteries as well.

Q: How do I replace the battery in my SecuRAM Electronic or Biometric Lock and Handle on my Vanguard door?

A: If possible, change the batteries with the door open. The lock and handle has a battery tray on the interior handle. Remove the 4 bolts holding the protective bracket. On the back of the handle, slide down the tab (marked with an arrow) and remove the cover. Replace all 4 batteries with AA Duracell Alkaline batteries. Make sure to follow the positive and negative markings. Replace the battery cover and the protective bracket. Test the lock.


Q: Why does my electronic lock only open 1 time out of several attempts?

A: This is usually caused by the position of the handle or a weak battery. Insure the handle is completely in the locked position or replace the battery with a 9v Duracell Alkaline battery.

Q: Why does my lock emits 2 long beeps after I enter my code?

A: The lock has entered the time out mode. Wait for 15 minutes and enter the code again.


Q: How do I install my ProSteel Vanguard Door?

A: An installation guide is available from the ProSteel Security Products website. Since there are 2 sizes of doors, there is an instruction document for both. Make sure you select the instruction sheet that corresponds to the size of door you have purchased. Download 36 Door Instructions   Download 32 Door Instructions